Jobs for night owls: What it’s like working the night shift

night shift

The country never really sleeps – every night people across Northern Ireland work throughout the country’s warehouses, factories, hospitals and airports. Without these people, so many industries would come to a halt as soon as the sun goes down, having a severe impact on the economy and public health.

But what is it really like for the individuals who stay up through the night?

It is a LOT quieter

While most of the country is tucked up in bed, the dedicated “skeleton staff” are working away in relative quietness. There is not complete silence, but the night-time brings a certain stillness with it that many workers appreciate. The lorry drivers can move along the roads with minimal traffic, quality inspection staff can give their undivided attention to the task at hand and warehouse operatives can work more carefully.

Sometimes the day can be distracting, and the night-time brings the necessary respite some people crave.

The “graveyard shift” is important

In the day, there might be a whole team of people working together, but during the darkness, it may only be a handful or even just one person. When the operation of a business is reliant on a few people, the importance of their role is apparent. Don’t forget how reliant businesses day operations are on the night shift too. Just like the people who work behind the scenes in a theatre, without the night workers shops wouldn’t open in the morning and the public wouldn’t walk into clean premises. Without the night shift, the daytime operation wouldn’t exist.

Working the night shift also comes with a lot of responsibility, as most staff enjoy more autonomy by working in a small team or on their own. By proving that they can handle situations without a lead, shows their employer that they can work independently.

There is independence

As mentioned before, with small teams comes more independence. With that independence comes the opportunity to impress and progress.
Warehouses and factories are always trying to find new ways to improve efficiency and save money, so working alone allows operatives the time to review processes and test out new ways of doing things. By doing so, it shows they are passionate and could lead to career progression opportunities.

There is more money to make working the night shift

Due to the unsocial aspect of the night shift, many companies will reward their night staff in the form of higher pay or allowances. Businesses understand that many people won’t go out of their way to work the night shift if they have never experienced it before, so the monetary incentive is normally enough to encourage people to give it ago.

If you’re interested in finding a job where you can work the night shift, get in touch with our team.

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