The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Job hunting can be an overwhelming process. You have to look for vacancies, apply for them, research the companies, tailor your CV to each role, and write cover letters too! All while meeting the demands of your current job, or if you’re unemployed, dealing with the obvious stress and financial anguish being out of work can cause.

Recruitment agencies like Bluestones Staffing can simplify the process of finding your next role, reducing the stress of looking by having all the resources and expertise you need in one place. To demonstrate why working with an agency could be the right choice for any job seeker, we’ve compiled a short list of some the key benefits.

A more personalised job search

Skilled recruiters take adequate time to get to know their candidates to best understand exactly what they’re looking for. This enables them to match the right individuals to roles well suited to their experience and skillset. They’ll also know the roles they have available inside out, and have first access to new opportunities as and when they come up.

When you apply for jobs directly it can be difficult to get a real understanding of the company you’re applying to, and you might want to know more about them than what you can find on their website or their social media accounts. Your recruitment agency will be able to tell you much more detail about the company, it’s ethos and values, as well as what it is like as a place to work.

Support and guidance

Recruiters typically have a comprehensive understanding of the job market, hiring process, and employer criteria. As a result, they can provide practical advice to help you be successful in your search, whether that’s offering useful interview tips (including what to/not to say), or support polishing your CV. The recruitment agency wants you to succeed, which is why good agencies will always be there to help with whatever queries you may have.

Knowledge and experience

 Recruitment agencies often have strong relationships with their clients. This allows them to provide candidates with more information about a job role, what it will entail, the company values, culture, and expectations. This enables you to make more informed decisions when choosing which vacancies you want to apply for, saving you time to focus on the job(s) you really want to land.


More often than not, when you apply directly for a job with a large number of applicants, you won’t hear back from the hiring company. This can be disheartening and frustrating as there’s no real way of knowing if your CV is up to scratch or how well you’re interviewing (if you’ve made it to that stage of the process). Recruiters can provide you with feedback from the client, they can help you prepare for your next interview, or even work through your CV with you and advise on how you can make improvements. This can make a real difference to your prospects of landing your dream job.

A larger network 

When you’re speaking to your recruiter about a role of interest, they are likely to divulge other vacancies they have available that could be great for you, your skills, and your experience. Some businesses only hire through recruitment agencies too, so you could get opportunities that you would have otherwise missed while looking for work on your own.


Most recruiters use a headhunting approach to find candidates. This means that they look for people who are most suited for the role even if they haven’t applied for the vacancy or are not actively looking.

Job updates

Once you’ve signed up with a recruitment agency you will often receive job updates from them, even if you’re already in a role. Keeping up to date with what roles are available gives you the opportunity to make the best choices for your career.

Bluestones Staffing

As a job seeker, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with the right job. By leveraging the help of a leading recruitment agency like Bluestones Staffing, job seekers throughout Northern Ireland can speed up the job-hunting process and increase their chances of being matched with an ideal position.

If you’re looking for a new role then give us a call on 028 85 219 313 or email us at and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help you.


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