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If you’re considering taking up a new career within the retail industry, there are a variety of job roles that might be of interest to you. Retail businesses vary from small independent companies to international or global corporations, so the positions available within each business will vary depending on the size and scale of their operation. However, generally speaking, the retail industry offers a wide range of diverse career opportunities including roles based in an office, storefront, or behind the scenes within their production or distribution function.

To help any prospective retail workers find the right role for them, we’ve outlined some of the most prominent jobs you might see out there when looking for work within the sector.


Retail Merchandisers are responsible for the placement of goods in a store. They ensure products are displayed in the right place, and at the right time, to maximise sales.

Retail Merchandisers often work with the buying team to forecast trends, plan stock levels, and monitor store performance. To maximise profits, merchandisers will set prices, manage product performance, design promotions, and make markdowns when necessary. In addition, Merchandisers will oversee the delivery and distribution of stock, handle any delays or setbacks, and deal with suppliers.

Refit Operative

Refit Operatives work as part of a team to deliver store conversions and updates. They are also responsible for moving stock and reprofiling, racking and shelving. Refit Operatives can often work on branches throughout the UK; therefore, overnight stays might also be part of the role, in which case overnight accommodation, travel expenses, and meal allowances are typically included.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistants are responsible for assisting customers in-store. They help customers find the products or departments they are looking for, answer any customer’s questions about a product or a service, process sales, and replenish stock on the shop floor when necessary. Sales assistants may also be responsible for processing returns, issuing refunds, updating customer records, and reporting issues to the appropriate Store Manager.

Sales Assistants may also be expected to promote particular products, keep an inventory of products, maintain displays, and keep the store tidy.

Store Support

Store Support workers are typically responsible for various non-sales tasks, including customer order fulfilment and assisting customers in-store and administrative jobs. In addition, they must communicate with customers and vendors directly when necessary, including helping customers find a department or a particular product and answering questions related to order status or product compliance. Store Support workers work with their team to keep the store operating efficiently, so communication is vital.

Customer Service Assistant

Customer Service Assistants are a valuable asset to any business and play a key role in ensuring customers are satisfied. Customer Service Assistants typically handle customer complaints and queries, referring any disputes they cannot resolve to the appropriate management. In addition, they issue refunds, respond to phone calls and emails, and maintain customer service records. Customer Service Assistants can work in various settings, including a shop floor, an office, a help desk, or a call centre.

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