EU suggests UK driving licences won’t be recognised after Brexit

driving licences

Yesterday morning (Thursday 23rd February), the European Commission released a presentation that included the suggestion that after Brexit, UK driving licences won’t be recognised in the EU. This would also include the end of mutual recognition of vehicle registration documents and certificate of professional competence for drivers.

The Department of Transport is confident a deal will be agreed with regards to mutual licence recognition, but the Government has already taken steps to lessen the impact if discussions fail. However, these steps could mean more paperwork and additional costs as thousands of drivers would need to apply for an International Driving Permit.

No matter the outcome, this could be yet another implication that negatively affects the UK’s logistics and transport industry.

Kieran Allmark, Bluestones Staffing NI Director, said,

“With the current uncertainty around a hard/soft border between NI & ROI, and the ambiguity regarding customs arrangements, the recognition of LGV licenses adds yet another area of concern for the logistics and transport industry in Ireland with regards to Brexit.”

We will continue to work with and support our candidates and clients throughout this period of uncertainty and continue to provide them with tailored solutions that work for them after Brexit.

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